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Trudy, our current matriarch. She is experienced in the water and in the air. She provides security on all of our aircraft. Trudy is cold natured and prefers a southern climate.

Zoe, our middle child.  She is waiting upon a zephyr to start her flight training.  AKA the other, other, other red dog, Zoe thinks she is a miniature Basset Hound.  Just look at those feet.  They will be handy when she checks out in tail draggers.

Lucy, the youngest aviator, Lucy doesn't like traffic. She prefers to keep her paws on the ground and loves a warm lap. A rubber ball really revs her engine.

Sadie, currently in ground school, has yet to solo. She is a quick study and likes to travel.

Gerda - R.I.P

High time, experienced aviator.  She was at home in a King Air 200 as she was in a Bonanza.  She had commercial, instrument and multi-engined flying experience.  She accumulated about 500 TT.  Her first flying experience was at about 8 weeks and was in a PA-31-350.  Non-stop CRX-MEM

Babou - R.I.P.

The "other" red dog.  He was a relatively low time pup but had high altitude training in a variety of multi-engined, turbo prop aircraft.  Had trouble with unusual attitudes.